Time delay deposit boxes

Håbeco N and DTD time delay deposit boxes are used at the cash point for deposit of bank notes. The inside cash drawer can be individual for the cashiers. Cash boxes give an effective protection against external and internal theft.


  • DTD is equipped with electronic lock. The lock can be programmed for time delay (before opening 0-5 min)
  • N is equipped with key lock and 2 keys
  • Boxes for cash deposit are connected to the cashier's desk and cash register
  • The box is equipped with one inside drawer for the cash
Model  Cash box N
 Cash box DTD
Height 300 mm 300 mm
Width 120 mm
120 mm
Depth 250 mm
250 mm
Weight 9 kg
9 kg
Standard equipment Key lock, 2 keys, drawer for cash
Electronic code lock, drawer for cash